Harlan Capin

Thank you Harlan Capin and family for letting us into your hearts and home.
Thank you Bob Demers, videographer and Tim O’Grady, editor for being wonderful, talented and professional production partners.

Haskell Studio Fundraiser

Published on Nov 9, 2014

The Recording Today and How You Can Play a Part. – When asked what he wanted his legacy at the UA to be, Jeff’s answer was simple: “Endow the Recording Studio”. Help us raise $1 million in donations and financial pledges by giving to the Jeffrey Haskell Recording Studio Endowment Fund. http://haskellstudioatuofaz.com


Skinny Video Book Trailer

Skinny a poetry book written by Carolyn Hembree, published by Kore Press. Trailer produced by Community Storytelling Arts, Tucson, Arizona.

“Hembree extends her unmistakable voice and lightning-quick vision into areas of American life too often left unlit. The voice flows through barriers of time and space as well as class and gender, willing to illuminate and love the darker and more dubious identities we’re capable of inhabiting. An unforgettable music stamps these lines on the heart: “Remembering is / like putting a feather underneath / the skull…”—Laura Mullen

$14, 6×9,” 72 pgs perfect bound

Available from Kore Press

Creative and camera: Bob Demers!
Wonderful support from Sara Sher, Jacob Sutton, Gene Rudolf, Elaine Richardson, John Denissen, Michael at Tom’s Antiques and Therese Perreault.

Please enjoy!

{Skinny} – “Still of Mamie and Bird” read by the author, Carolyn Hembree from Bob Demers on Vimeo.

Change The Story, Change The World…Introducing StoryLab

CDS has supported its past work almost entirely through fees and contracts. We are coming to you now because the need for this work is urgent and innovation needs investment. Once StoryLab is established, we’ll be able to support it through grants from funders who care about the issues and communities involved. Now, we need your tax-deductible donation to support the planning, partnership, and development work needed to get StoryLab up and running.

With partners around the world, StoryLab will experiment with media, platforms, and techniques, seeking new ways of capturing and using stories for maximum impact. We’ve designed five pilot projects to explore. They address five critical areas where story can help build healthy democracy and communities, touching on civic engagement, civility and mindfulness, place and connection, service, and overcoming legacies of violence. If you’d like more information about partnering with us (or anything else about StoryLab), please contact Joe Lambert (joe@storycenter.org) or Arlene Goldbard (arlene@storycenter.org).

Any contribution will help (and if you contribute at least $25, we have some great premiums for you!). If you pledge $250 or more, you will also be able to direct your pledge to your favorite pilot project, and that will help determine which ones should be developed first.

StoryLab will show how things would change if everyone lifted their voices as citizens of the world, calling out what doesn’t reflect their deepest values and standing up for what does. Please give today and help CDS change the story so that together, we can change the world. We appreciate your support. Thanks for staying connected to CDS, and thanks for your help now!

Stories from the June Workshop

The passage of labor and food across the border is the subject of Caleb Weaver’s digital story. Caleb created this as a participant in Community Storytelling Art’s June 2012 Digital Storytelling Workshop in Tucson, AZ

Photographer Bill Steen explores the rediscovery of lost youth in this story about his relationships with the folks from Grupo Danza Xunutzi.

Check out Community Storytelling Arts Digital Stories Library

Hot fun in the summertime!

Community Storytelling Arts will be teaching Digital Storytelling Workshops in the heart of downtown at Pima County Tucson Women’s Commission 240 North Court Avenue Tucson, AZ.

Workshop participants share stories, write and record narration, choose photos, video clips, and music, and learn to edit a short digital video of their own true story. The stories can be used for personal enrichment, family life histories, community and team building, training, advocacy, recruiting, fundraising and technology literacy.   At the end of the 3 ½ day workshop you will have completed a 2-4 minute digital story.

Summertime Workshop dates:

  • June 20-23
  • July 25-28
  • August 22-25