Skinny Video Book Trailer

Skinny a poetry book written by Carolyn Hembree, published by Kore Press. Trailer produced by Community Storytelling Arts, Tucson, Arizona.

“Hembree extends her unmistakable voice and lightning-quick vision into areas of American life too often left unlit. The voice flows through barriers of time and space as well as class and gender, willing to illuminate and love the darker and more dubious identities we’re capable of inhabiting. An unforgettable music stamps these lines on the heart: “Remembering is / like putting a feather underneath / the skull…”—Laura Mullen

$14, 6×9,” 72 pgs perfect bound

Available from Kore Press

Creative and camera: Bob Demers!
Wonderful support from Sara Sher, Jacob Sutton, Gene Rudolf, Elaine Richardson, John Denissen, Michael at Tom’s Antiques and Therese Perreault.

Please enjoy!

{Skinny} – “Still of Mamie and Bird” read by the author, Carolyn Hembree from Bob Demers on Vimeo.