What is Digital Storytelling?

We all have stories about the events, people, and places in our lives.

Many of our stories are connected to artwork, photos, and video footage that we collect. By using technology to weave these visual elements together with our own narration, we can create a short digital video, or “digital story.”

In digital storytelling workshops, small groups of 6-10 people come together to share their stories with one another; craft and record written, first-person scripts; choose images and video clips; and learn to edit these materials with still images and video clips. The process is hands-on: skilled facilitators guide participants through the steps necessary to complete their projects.

Stories created in many of our workshops are being used by grassroots organizers, nonprofit organizations, health and social service agencies, and local communities to shed light on a host of critical social and political issues that affect us all. Story screenings can educate viewers and move them to reflect on or change their own behaviors, promote policy advocacy, and mobilize local communities to take action.