Community Storytelling Arts is dedicated to developing creative, cost effective media (video, audio, and multimedia) programs for a wide range of clients. From workshops to specialized programming and media production, our success has always depended on starting with a clear understanding of the project’s goals and objectives. We work with our clients to determine their needs through comprehensive client interaction that result in cost-effective solutions.

Therese works part-time for Kore Press and we’ve doe a fair amount of promotion work from them over the past two years…here’s a PSA for the 20th Birthday Celebration Kore Press – 20 Years of Publishing Women Writers & Educating Girls


For CODAC Behavioral Health CSA produced six (6) completed 1-2 minute video “stories” from two groups of five (5) youth in a “storytelling” environment. The target audiences for the students’ six stories are parents and education professionals. The video stories will be an integral component of two evidence-based, publication-ready curricula regarding various aspects of anit-bullying and suicide prevention. We worked with contracted curriculum-writers and CODAC staff to determine which stories would be included in the curricula.

Anti-bullying video story – A Kid Named Paul

Suicide Prevention video story – Miguel

We produced Funding our Future, a fund raising video for the Sunnyside School District Foundation. The goal was to illustrate the success of grant recipients, all of them innovators in education. Our interviews were simple, honest and emotional. We drew upon many of the techniques that we have learned and shared in digital storytelling, particularly the honest connection between storyteller and listener that led to powerful personal stories.

Funding our Future video

Before moving to Tucson we produced a social justice documentary film in support of The One Family Scholars Program.
Trailer for the film Women of Promise: The Fireman One Family Scholar Program

Women of Promise: The Fireman One Family Scholar Program from Bob Demers on Vimeo.